Grab one of my kits, whether it be for a birthday treasure hunt or a just a rainy day activity. And let your printer do all the hard work. In a few clicks you can have a complete game ready to play, hassle free!


Indiana Jones Inspired Treasure Hunt

Did you know it's over 40 years since the release of Indiana Jones, crazy right! Why not host a fun themed Indi night, this treasure hunt would match perfectly.

This is not any ordinary treasure hunt, players find clues, solve puzzles, and decode secret messages to find the treasure. This is a fun, colourful adventurer themed treasure hunt game.

An epic treasure hunt printable game for all ages old and young alike. Inspired by my love of Indiana Jones.

  •  This was so much fun to do as a family, everyone really enjoyed it! The pack is so well put together! I love the addition of possible ways you can set it up. Wasn't too hard but not too easy either!

    - Erin

  • I brought this on a family beach vacation during coronavirus lockdown. The 8 kids had a blast solving the puzzles. I added 4 puzzles and locks and it took about an hour. Way more fun and affordable than the escape rooms on the boardwalk.

    - Karen

  • This is wonderful. I was putting together a Mermaid Party and this saved me a ton of work. And very, very attractive. Online editing easy peezee. At this price it was a steal.

    - John

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