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Dice Gift Exchange Game

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If like me you have a large family or group friends you will love this gift exchange dice game. Its super easy and fun to play.

With a pair of dice and each player armed with a gift you play until the wrapped presents have been swapped, opened or stolen. When I play this game with friends we set a budget on the gifts and sometimes have a theme, so it may be edible gifts or something that smells good. 

When I play this with my family we usually have several rounds. Each year we buy silly gifts just for all the games we play over Christmas, from toiletries, to chocolate and candles and car cleaning sponges hahaha, there is a bit of all sorts.

You can download the printable rules sheets and get playing right away, you just need to supply the gifts. I have also included some printable dice as a different way to play or if you cant find find some dice ( I have been there too many times!!).  

This is digital file, which is available instantly.

You will get a PDF (3MB) file

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