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Pin the Patch on the Pirate

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PIN THE PATCH ON THE PIRATE. A simple fun activity to start your pirate party with an aye aye Captain. This classic party game is one of arrrghh favourites.

You can download and print the 11X17 Pirate face sheet and 8.5x11 patch sheet at home on your home printer and set up with your cut out patches, get your little black beards to sign their pirate name on the back of the patch so you can identify the winner.

You can print and cut out the patch sheet as many times as you need.

----* I N C L U D E D - F I L E S *----

1. 11"x17" pirate face poster ( PRINTABLE FILE )

2. 8"5 x 11" sheet of 6 matching name tags. ( PRINTABLE FILE )

You may print as many sheets as is needed.

* Y O U - W I L L - N E E D *

A colour printer to print the size you need or printing service. And some scissors to cut out the patches. Plus some sticky tape or pins to pin on the patches.

You will get a ZIP (19MB) file

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