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Mayhem at the Museum Escape Room

Mayhem at the Museum Escape Room

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KIDS DIY printable Museum Escape room adventure kit, for players aged 7 and above.

An escape room adventure, perfect for a birthday party or just a family fun night in. A mixture of colourful tasks perfect for younger players. Children 6 and under may need some guidance but its a good excuse for adults to get dressed up into character and join in the fun.


A new mummy arrives at the National History Museum, the long-awaited “Djinn of the Nile”. As the sun starts to set the night security guard arrives and eagerly awaits to greet the new arrival. As he waits he begins to read the inscription on the side of the Sarcophagus.

The name inscribed appears to have been scratched out. You are one of the last visitors to the museum and as you start to make your way to the exit sign the large heavy wooden doors slam shut and a mischievous giggle can be heard echoing around the giant entrance hall. You are trapped inside the museum.

The security guard is in desperate need of your help It looks like he has unwittingly unleashed the Djinn. A whirlwind of havoc sweeps its way around the museum. Help find the missing inscription from the sarcophagus, and return the Djinn to where it came from.

Solve the seven puzzles and speak aloud the name and return the museum back to normal. Ideally, this game is for up to 6 players. The gameplay is approximately 35-50 mins, depending on players' ability and if you choose to hide some of the puzzle pieces or not. Print out and play, its that simple. Will you solve all seven puzzles and save the Museum?

----* Y O U - W I L L - N E E D *----

A colour printer or printing service. A QR scanner app on your phone (free) and scissors are essential.

Half an hour to set up the game and prepare.

----* I N C L U D E D - F I L E S *----


A GAME PDF with all puzzles and game-playing material.

 A SOLUTION AND EXTRAS PDF. (kept separate so not to spoil the game). This also includes gift certificates and suggestions to make the game even more fun.

----* H O W - I T - W O R K S *---- 

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