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LockDown at the Lab

LockDown at the Lab

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DIY escape room game at home. A family-friendly adventure kit, for players aged 12 and above. Players younger than 12 can join in the fun but may need some guidance but its a good excuse for adults to get dressed up and play the role of a mad professor.

----* GAME STORY *----

You have been asked to join a leading group of scientists to save the world, but they have succumbed to the pizza pandemic and have only left behind some crazy ramblings. First, you need to gain access to the laboratory, good luck. Ideally, this game is for up to 6 players ages 12++.

There are some easy and some more tricky puzzles to solve but fun for everyone. If you have a large group why not break up into teams and see who can solve the puzzles in the fastest time.

The game is designed to be printed and played as is, no need for locks or special equipment, just a colour printer, some paper scissors and a QR reader. I do however offer plenty of tips and advice for adding locks and tasks to make this more like an escape room in your home. The gameplay is approximately 40 mins, Enjoy an instant escape room adventure. Print out and play, its that simple. Will you solve all seven puzzles?

----* Y O U - W I L L - N E E D *----

A colour printer or printing service. A QR scanner app on your phone (free) Scissors. Half an hour to set up the game and prepare, perhaps a little longer if you decide to follow some of the ideas I offer for adding locks etc to the game.

----* I N C L U D E D - F I L E S *----

1. A READ ME FIRST FILE, this first.

2. A PDF with all puzzles, clues, and game-playing material.

3. A separate file the solutions (kept separate so not to spoil the game).

----* H O W - I T - W O R K S *----

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If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to reach out! Dawn x

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