About Me

Hello and welcome to Lock Paper Escape, your home for printable DIY escape room games, treasure hunts and other fun party goodies!

The little shop thats full of fun!

Hi everyone! I'm Dawn, the creator of this little shop Lock Paper Escape. I'm a mother of two cheeky bambinos and party fanatic! In a previous life I had an amazing job as an Engineer, spending my days wearing a fetching set of bright blue overalls, hard hat and most days covered in grease, I loved it!

An incredible opportunity sent my family to the other side of the world to the middle east and I found myself with a whole heap of time on my hands. So while my husband was at work and the children were at school I started to learn new skills and gained a foundation degree in art. Something I had always wanted to achieve but never had the time.

When we first moved away there really wasn't much in the way of modern party supplies. So with my new found photoshop skills I started to made bespoke party games and printables for my children’s birthdays. I loved creating fun treasure hunts and escape room style games, all kinds of goodies you couldn't buy off the shelf. They were an absolute hit and I loved making them. 

My husband was the driving force behind me selling some games on Etsy. He encouraged me to list one of my Christmas escape party games and the rest, as they say, is history.

Thank you a heap for stopping by and I hope you go ahead and give one of the games a try. Happy partying!

Dawn xXx