Reindeer Christmas Scavenger Hunt Game

Reindeer Christmas Scavenger Hunt Game

Santa can't find his reindeer and needs your help! This fun hunt will have your kids running around the house looking for all 9 reindeer and of course, at the end of the hunt, there has to be some treasure. This could be a great way for children to find a special gift on Christmas morning or just a fun activity over the festive season.
Reindeer Christmas Scavenger Hunt Cards
This Christmas scavenger hunt kit comes with 9 reindeer treasure hunt cards, one Santa card, some gift tags, backing papers and a paper Christmas Tree (incase you don't have a tree where the game is being played).
I have also included a set of easy reader cards, with simple words on the cards, great for younger readers, no rhymes to read just the next location.
easy Christmas scavenger hunt clue

How to use the game:

Download your game files. 

Print the clue cards.  I have included backing paper into the kit so you can run the clue cards back through your printer and add a pretty back to your cards.  This is not essential but makes them look pretty.  I recommend printing on bright white card stock for best results but ordinary copy paper will work.  

Do you want to keep the game for another year? You could always run the cards through a laminator.

With the reindeer Christmas scavenger hunt printed, you can then go ahead and place the cards around your home.

Want to make the game even more fun?

In the kit is a sheet of task cards.  I use these in my own treasure hunts for players to earn their clues.  The task cards can be placed in the clue location instead of the reindeer card, players must then return to you, perform the task and then you hand them the next reindeer clue cards.

Throw in some extra gifts or treats.  There are some matching themed gift tags, use these to add prizes along the way.  In each location you can have a wrapped gift, something little like erasers, candy or similar stocking stuffer type gift.

Reindeer Christmas gift tags

Reindeer Christmas scavenger hunt Idea: 

This would be a great Christmas eve game.  At each location along with the clue cards you can gift wrap some Christmas eve treats, some marshmallows, hot chocolate sachet, a Christmas book, a colouring book, crayons or some new pajama set.  The final treasure is Christmas eve box filled with goodies, a festive family film complete with popcorn box filled with sweet treats would be great or a family game that you can play.

Get Your Reindeer Christmas Scavenger Hunt Now!

Included in the kit:

8 rhyming reindeer clue cards

Plus 8 simple reindeer clue cards, which would be great for young readers.

A Santa card to start the game.

A Rudolf card to end the game and hide with the treasure (not included lol).

A sheet of fun task cards, backing papers so you can print on the reverse side of the clue cards and 9 reindeer gift tags.

Your printable game will arrive within minutes in a ready-to-print PDF file.  This is a digital purchase - No physical product will be mailed.  

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