Halloween Treasure Hunt

Halloween Treasure Hunt

NEW! Kids Halloween Treasure Hunt.

Are you looking for some spooktacular fun to do with your kids this upcoming Halloween? This fun hunt just might be what you are looking for.  It comes ready to download, print and play, all you have to do is hide the clues and watch the fun begin. 

This is the perfect activity to entertain the kids while you are busy preparing for some halloween feast, or as a family challenge. 

This Halloween treasure hunt game can be played with as many players as you want, but the more the better! 

The game starts with a scroll handed to the group of little monsters with their first clue.  Players have to find ghosts in the room where the game is started.  There is a sheet of cute ghost characters which you can place around the room or you can attach them to fishing wire and hang from the ceiling.  Some of the ghosts have letters on then which spell out the location of the first location.

kids halloween hun clue examples

Halloween Treasure Hunt Rhyming Clues!

As well as secret codes there are more traditional rhyming scavenger hunt clues that you can use in you halloween game.  You don't have to use all of them, you mix and match to make the game unique to you.

There are four clues per 8.5 x 11 sheet, they will also print perfectly A4 size.  Print these onto a bright white heavy card stock for more durability and a vibrant finish. 

For some extra Halloween fun laminate or pop the clues into a waterproof bag. Have some bowls filled with homemade slime and goo and pop the clue inside.  Players then have to fish inside the sticky goo to retrieve the next clue. Goo can be spaghetti, custard, and good old fashioned jelly!  Add in some plastic spiders, snakes of other ghoulish items perhaps even blindfold, and let the fun begin.

There is a blank set of clue cards included in the halloween scavenger hunt, so you can create your own locations, just print out the sheet and write your own clues.


 Fun Halloween Party Game!

As well as the classic treasure hunt clues, in the kit you will also have special codes to be deciphered, lots of fun! There is a pigpen cipher code, a polybius square code and a simple overlay card.

Halloween scavenger hunt for kids
Hide these two cards separately in the treasure hunt location. Put one of the cards inside a gift wrapped box, filled with tissue paper, plastic spiders, bones and other halloween items.  Cut a hole in the side of the box and players need to reach in to find the card.  The anticipation of what is inside the box makes for a lot of fun.
scavenger hunt halloween
This is a really simple clue, there are cut out areas on once card that reveal the secret clue on the other card.  Hide the two cards separately or have the players perform the task to win both parts of the clue.  There are task cards included in the kit. 
halloween treasure hunt clues

Whats included the Halloween Treasure Hunt Kit?

Your editable kids Halloween treasure hunt kit comes with the following:

  •  Host Setup Guide
  • 12 Rhyming Clue Cards
  • 3 Secret Code Clues
  • 4 blank Clue Cards
  • Starting Scroll
  • Congratulations Scroll
  • 6 Task Cards
  • Blank Task Cards
  • Gift Tags

You will receive your halloween treasure hunt kit within minutes of ordering. This is a digital item you download, print and play! No physical item will be sent to you.


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If you have any questions about this Halloween treasure hunt please email me at dawn@lockpaperescape.com

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