Christmas Left and Right Game

Christmas Left and Right Game

 The LEFT RIGHT game is an excellent alternative to the standard white elephant gift exchange. It's relatively quick, doesn't involve stealing (so no one gets sad), and is hilarious!


The idea behind the game is super simple: Everyone sits in a circle with the gift they brought with them. Designate someone to read the story out loud, and every time they say the word "left" everyone passes their gift to the left. Every time they say "right" everyone passes their gift to the right. Super simple, right?

The story is written with a lot of lefts and rights thrown in it, so there's a whole lot of gifts flying left and right. The left-right game works for all ages and is pretty hilarious, especially when you forget your left from your right!  

We play this game in our house over Christmas on a few different occasions. The game will often make its first appearance at Christmas dinner, keeping everyone entertained while I'm busy tidying away the dinner plates, preparing the puddings and dishing up the after-dinner mints and coffees. I would have a few gifts wrapped up and ready to go. I don't put aside a massive budget for the gifts; one will usually be a new family game to play (we do love games in our family), a few packets of sweets and perhaps some silly pocket money gifts. The game works well to keep the little ones entertained long enough for the pudding tummy to kick in.  


It will make another appearance on Boxing day as one of the many games we will play. Inside the gift-wrapped boxes this time I will have some reasonable gifts, some challenges and some boobie prizes. Our family saves a pot of money throughout the year just for our game prizes, and if we see some bargains in the sales, we will put them aside for games just like this.

 Our prizes range from gift vouchers to scented candles, toothbrushes and colouring book and crayons for kids, a bit of all sorts really. At the end of the games, we start bartering for the gifts we actually want. Good news for Grandma, who won a fab collection of toy dinosaurs but who has her eye on a nice set of false eyelashes lol. It's all good fun and everyone loves this part.

If you have a large work gathering or group of friends, this game is a great fun alternative to a white elephant event. Have everyone bring along their gifts and let the story begin.


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