Create Some Fun Secret Love Letters

Create Some Fun Secret Love Letters

Are you looking for a super fun Valentine’s Day card idea? How about giving a Valentine AND a secret message? Using the secret message kit, you can create endless notes for your valentine.  

valentines secret message

These are great fun notes in your little one's packed lunch box or pencil case, any excuse to tell your family how much they are loved.

There are 5 different codes you can use. Create your messages online using our very own fonts that match each secret code, so all you need to do it type away and the message is automatically converted into the secret message fo you.

Pig Pen Secret Valentine Code

valentine code making kit

A pig pen code is super simple to decipher. The grid around an individual letter is used to represent that letter.  You can see that some of the letters also have a dot too.  The code looks very complicated but it is actually very simple to decipher.

Morse Code Valentines Message

morse code valentine message

Most people have heard of morse code, it is a fun cipher where dots and dashes are used to represent letters and numbers. Type your message into the kit and select our morse code font to transform your message into morse code, super simple way to create fun valentines morse code message.

Cipher Wheel Valentine Code

I love cipher wheels they are fun to make and use, and they are always a hit with my children especially when I use pictures instead of just text.  I made this cute cupid decoder cipher wheel. I have used some cute little valentines images in place of letters.  When you create your message the text is transformed into the little images, super fun for anyone to decipher. 

valentine secret code wheel

Polybius Valentine Code

This is a simple grid system that when you read across the pairs of numbers you reveal the letter.  It is a simple system and you can easily create your valentine secret message using the kit as your message is transformed into our polybius font, making it quick and simple to write your messages.

valentine code 

Reverse alphabet valentine code

Just as the name suggests the this is a simple reverse alphabet code.  As with all the other codes and ciphers in the kit the message you write is converted to the code for you.

reverse alphabet valentine code

What's included: As always I try to add in a few extras in my kits and this valentine secret code kit is no different. As well as five different secret valentine codes, you will have an envelope and note cards, everything you should need to get creating and making secret messages.  All the ciphers are editable online via Canva, a free to use editing platform, which enables you to use the exclusive "lock paper escape" fonts making the secret messages a breeze to write.

Why use this secret code kit? Thats an easy one, because its just so simple to use and you can create as many messages as you like.  Use the kit to write treasure hunt, create love letters and fun messages.  The only limits is your imagination.

valentines secret message kit

 Grab your kit and get creating some fun letters, messages and jokes for your family, super fun, super simple and easy to create. What are you waiting for?


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