Christmas Treasure Hunt Ideas For an Epic Christmas Day

Christmas Treasure Hunt Ideas For an Epic Christmas Day

Are you looking for a fun and unique way to celebrate the run-up to Christmas this year? My Christmas treasure hunt kit is perfect for children, young and young at heart! With, secret codes and traditional rhyming clues. You will have 8 Rhyming clues and 9 more puzzle codes and ciphers to discover making this an epic Christmas treasure hunt.

This Christmas game is not just a classical treasure hunt with riddle clues. This is a fun treasure hunting adventure with lots of codes, cyphers, riddles, tasks, puzzles and more fun stuff. The kit comes as a ready to print product, so you don't need to spend any time coming up with the clues!

Chock full of fun secret codes to solve, this is bound to keep the Christmas fun going that little bit longer on Christmas day. 

Just print everything, hide the clues and the treasure then enjoy watching the kids as they solve riddles, crack codes and complete tasks in search of their Christmas treasure!  

The puzzles tasks and riddles in this hunt do not have any specific order that they need to be hidden in.

You can choose any you want, how many you want and choose any order you want them to be played. If you want to play all the clues in one go rather than as an advent hunt, go right ahead. Plus you can create your own clues using the template I have added in Canva.

Christmas Treasure Hunt Ideas.

1.Christmas Eve Hunt

This treasure hunt is a great way for you to spend some time with your family, searching for treats for Santa.  At some of the treasure hunt locations add items to add to Santas plate, a carrot for Rudolf, a glass of milk for Santa, perhaps a magic key for Santa to get in, or reindeer treats. At the end of the Christmas Treasure hunt the final treasure can be a Christmas Eve box, filled with popcorn a family movie and some hot chocolate.

2. Cookie Treasure Hunt

This idea is a great way to get children excited about a cooking activity.  The aim of the treasure hunt is to find all the ingredients to make some tasty cookies.  At different locations have festive sprinkles, a cookie mix, some fun cookie cutters, ribbon and decorative cello bags. At the end of the hunt the players will have everything they need to make some tasty treats.

3. Christmas Morning Treasure Hunt

Use the hunt as a way to find the Christmas presents. Simple but very effective.

What Age Is This Treasure Hunt For?

This treasure hunt is great for all ages, I plan to use this one with my teens this year on Christmas morning. For younger players below the age of 6 you will probably need to help with the reading and give a helping hand with some of the puzzles but its a great excuse to have some family fun, and the kids will love it.

How long Is Will the Treasure Hunt Last?

This is a tricky one to answer as I have designed this Christmas Treasure Hunt game to be totally adaptable to you.  You can add or takeaway clues making the game unique to your home.  Saying that you should look at about 45 minutes at least if you include the puzzles, and ciphers as some of the clues.


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