Christmas Scavenger Hunt Clues

Christmas Scavenger Hunt Clues

Teenagers love scavenger hunts just as much as younger kids do, let's face their fun! Christmas morning even more so with the lure of presents you can almost guarantee they will be up bright-eyed and bushy-tailed. This Christmas treasure hunt kit is a winner to make the task stress free and super festive fun for your family! My two love a Christmas morning scavenger hunt!

My husband often has to work on Christmas day, so I would make the kids wait until he came home in the afternoon until they could open all their presents, I know cruel right! A Christmas morning scavenger hunt is the way I can still create the magic for them. Throughout the year I buy small stocking filler type gifts and goodies for them to open while they completing their hunt, with one exciting gift at the end of the hunt. It works like a charm; I can successfully keep the kids entertained and excited while we wait for Dad to come home!

you found the treasure

I have created a nice hunt this year which would be perfect for a Christmas morning scavenger hunt. Saying that the hunt would be a fab way to build excitement on Christmas eve, with the hunt leading to a Christmas eve box, filled with goodies.

Heck, you can use this hunt at any point over the festive season just as a fun activity. 

So what do you actually get in this Christmas scavenger hunt kit?

You will have 12 rhyming clues for locations inside your home.  You will also have a starting clue which consists of 5 candy canes you hide around the room. When your kids find the candy canes, they will discover that they have letters on them and this spells out a word, which will lead them to their first clue location.  

You will have a sheet of fun tasks that you can include in the game to make the scavenger hunt even more fun. Have players pop balloons to find clues, say silly tongue twisters before you release the next clue or draw an elf with their toes. There is also a set of matching gift tags that you can attach gifts if you wanted to add some to the game.

One of the things I love about this kit is that you can choose to play as few or as many clues as you would like, there is no set order so if you want a quick game you can adjust to suit. Don't want the children to search for clues in a particular room just drop those clues.

Christmas Scavenger Hunt

Did you want to take the stress out of setting up a Christmas scavenger hunt why not add the kit to your basket. Click on the big button to take you to the product page, you cant miss it lol.  Keep reading for some fun ideas on how I use Scavenger hunts over Christmas.


Fun Ideas for a Christmas Scavenger Hunt

I have another fun idea for how to use this kit. Instead of having small stocking stuffer gifts at each location, how about a gift-wrapped box at each location with a different ingredient to create a batch of Christmas cookies. You can include things like a fun recipe book, colourful sprinkles, festive cookie cutters and pretty gift wrapping. At the end of the hunt, they will have everything they need to get baking and make some fab treats or gifts for family members. 

I have used this before, and it was a great way to have some with my children on Christmas eve. I had the children find everything they needed to create a Christmas plate for Santa and his reindeer. Instead of gifts I hid, a carrot, some cookies, some pretty notepaper, the Christmas plate and a mini bottle of milk, Santas key (so he could let himself in lol) and their Christmas stockings ready to hang. I did throw in a few mini treats for the children as well! This worked an absolute treat when the children found the items they set up the Christmas plate ready for Santa and wrote him a message.  

I would love to hear the creative ways you’re doing your own Christmas scavenger hunt this year!

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