Birthday Treasure Hunt

Birthday Treasure Hunt

Are you looking for a fun and unique way to celebrate a special birthday this year? My birthday hunt kits are perfect for kids, young and young at heart! With fun characters, secret codes and traditional rhyming clues, plus tips for setting up the treasure hunt, you'll get all the birthday treasure hunt ideas you need in one place! 

Birthday Treasure Hunt 

I love hosting birthday treasure hunts for my family, any excuse to have them running around the house finding clues, solving puzzles, and just having a lot of fun. 

You can use my birthday treasure hunts in a couple of different ways. Set up the treasure hunt overnight and have the game ready to play first thing when they wake up, a great way to find their birthday gifts. 

Or you could have the game as the star attraction of a birthday party. Have players running around finding the birthday party loot.  

All of the birthday treasure hunts have been created so you don't have to play in any particular order. Only the first clue is set, the rest you can play in any order or don't play specific clues if it doesn't fit your home. Of course, I have added some extra blank clue cards that you can use to create your own clues if you have somewhere specific you want your players to visit.

When you have choosen one of our fab birthday treasure hunts, all you need to do is download, print and play. A little cutting of clues and set up will be required but all you have left is to give the birthday boy or girl the first clue and let the fun begin!

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